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Online Teacher Enrichment Session On Topic ‘waves Optic’- Organised By HRDC- Aug 11, 2021

DPSS HRD organised an online interaction session on “WAVE OPTICS” on 11th August 2021.

RESOURCE PERSON: Prof. Srikant Sastry, (Theoretical Science Unit Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advance Scientific Research, Bangaluru)

He explained the theoretical aspects of Electromagnetic Wave, during the session following Topics were covered:

1. Maxwells Equation and The Wave Equation: Maxwell equations were used to derive wave equation.

2. Interference: Deduction of Conditions for constructive and Destructive interference using principle of super position.

3. Diffraction: Single slit diffraction pattern

4. Diffraction Grating: Multiple slit diffraction and Intensity formulae.

5. X ray diffraction: Braggs condition for diffraction were discussed

6. Structural Colours: Using atomic diffraction structural can be explained in nature.

7. Photonic Materials: The Basic Idea is that we can control through the construction of suitable structural materials.

Then there was doubt session in which Individual doubts were discussed

Vote of thanks was given by Ms Vanita Sehgal

Sidheshwar Pandey
PGT- Physics