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Interact Club – AGRANI

School Interact Club, AGRANI, The Champion of Social And Environmental Cause
AGRANI, the student Interact Club is a platform for young students of age 12 to 18 years to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of ‘Service above Self’ and grow into conscious global citizens.
All the students of grade V to XII are members of the Interact Club, AGRANI. Set up in November 2017, the student club engages around 1400 students in the various projects and activities for the social and environmental causes it takes up all through the year.
The student members have been engaged in initiatives of community health and well-being, social service and environmental cause working in collaboration with NGOs, government bodies, International Rotary clubs and other stakeholders. Projects undertaken by the Agrani Club

Plastic Collection Campaign In Collaboration With Bharat Soka Gakki- Oct 2023
Blood Donation Camp 2023 By Agrani – Aug 19, 2023


Felicitation Of Agrani- June 25, 2023
Tree Plantation Drive @ DPS Greater Faridabad
Tree Plantation Drive
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Launch Ceremony — Puravrati 2.0
Chhabil- Nirjala Ekadasi 2023


Top CBSE School in Faridabad
Ahimsa Run By JITO – Apr 02, 2023
Best CBSE School in Faridabad | Top CBSE School in Faridabad
Punravrati- Book Donation Drive 2023
Main Bhi Jal Rakshak- Water Conservation Campaign By Dipsites Of Agrani- Jan 31, 2023


Dipsites Visit the Governor Of Rotary District
Dipsites Visit the Governor Of Rotary District- Jan 21, 2023
Interact Club DPS Greater Faridabad
District Interact Training Session With District Interact Team 3011 – Oct 07, 2022
Best Interact Project Award By District Rotary 3011 – June 25, 2022


‘Awesome You’ An awareness campaign on Breast Cancer
Gyarah Mutthi Se Jyada Daan- Organised By Interact Club Agrani- Oct 29, 2021


Annual Meeting of Interact Club AGRANI with District Governor (Rotary District 3011)- August 27, 2021
Clothes Donation Drive By Dipsites Of Agrani School Interact Club- Apr 05-19, 2021
Gurupurab wishes from Interact Club AGRANI

Community health and well-being

Our community health projects range from conducting workshops to spread awareness about health and hygiene, importance of ‘Organ Donation’, participating in International Rotary Club Events like ‘Polio Free India’ alongside the Rotarians from South Korea, Netherland & Belgium, partnering in the National Health Mission Programs like eradication of Measles & Rubella and ‘De-Worming Campaign’ .

Impact: These projects develop in the students the spirit of citizenship, a sense of responsibility for the cause of health and well being in the society, sense of cooperation and team-work, coordination working alongside the other stakeholders and partners both private organizations and the government ones. It also boosts the confidence and leadership skills as also their management organizational skills.

Green Radiates – A Plantation Drive

AGRANIS’, the Interactors have launched the project ‘ GREEN RADIATES’ with an objective to revive the green cover that urbanization has scraped away. The program involves a collaborative effort of the school students, parent community, RWAs and the government bodies. All the stakeholders enthusiastically participate in our plantation drives in the respective residential societies and the green belts alongside the roads and streets. With support from forest department, we carry out extensive plantation drives in the neighbourhood areas under this project.

Impact: Students gain environmental stewardship and the project succeeds in creating ecologically conscious populace. The project inculcates in the students value of appreciation for life and value the harmonious co-existence of human and nature. Environment awareness campaigns enhance the understanding of children on issues like Global warming, climate change, ecological balance and related mechanisms. Participants gain knowledge of plantation related activities like sowing the plants, watering, weeding etc under guidance of well-trained professionals from the horticulture department of school. It gives practical, hands-on environmental education to the students.

Independence Day Annual Events

The Club organizes yearly event on the occasion of Independence Day celebrating the spirit of patriotism. Whether it is the program ‘ Agrani- The Corps’ or the ‘Fund-raising Gala’ , these annual events are excitingly looked forward to.

Impact: The celebration is an exemplars of patriotism and appreciation for the services rendered by our Indian soldiers for us. The organization of the event introduces the students to various life-skills like cooperation, coordination, appreciation for talents of others while organising cultural program, team-work and hands on training in event-management skills. The fund raising exercise builds the managing of finances skills in the students. The most important learning outcome is the social values, team spirit, bonding, togetherness and the spirit of giving that our students gain through the process.

Valentine’s Day Celebration In Old Age Home

AGRANIS have a unique way of celebrating Valentine’s Day , the Day of Joy & Love !! They celebrate it by thanking the loveliest people in the world, their ‘Grandparents’! The student members of the Interact Club write about the treasured moments spent with their grandparents. They visit the Old Age Home in the vicinity and spend the day with the elderly people, sharing with them gifts and happy moments.
Impact: The effort aims at inducing social and cultural values in the students and appreciation for the age old values and traditions. Besides, it encourages them to acknowledge the value of elderly people in our lives and appreciating the valuable role played by them in guiding the young generations. It also looks forward to inculcate the feeling of love , affection and appreciation for others , making the society a happy place to live in.

Initiative To Collect Relief Material For Kerala Flood Crisis

The spirit of solidarity and empathy reflected the most in the project ‘Bhaksanam- A Meal’ , an initiative launched to collect and donate food supplies to the relief camps during Kerala flood crisis. In collaboration with the NGO ‘Goonj’, the relief supplies were sent to the flood effected state.
Impact: The exercise developed in the students empathy towards fellow beings affected by the disaster, induced in them the motivation to extend help and aid the needy ones. Rallying for the cause developed their social skills and leadership qualities besides honing their communication skills, planning and coordination skills.

Blood Donation Camps

With its slogan ‘ Save life, Donate Blood’, our School Interact Club, AGRANI, in collaboration with the Rotary Faridabad East, organizes Blood Donation Camp in its premises especially on the day of PTMs twice a year. An extraordinary display of spirit of ‘Service Before Self’ is witnessed with volunteer donors stepping forward to donate blood. The day sees the student volunteers spreading awareness about the need for donating blood and also talking to the visitors about the taboos attached to the blood donation by way of direct one-to-one interaction and street plays and rallies.
Impact: The event involves extensive planning and coordination on the part of the student members with other partner organizers developing their planning and coordination skills besides honing their communication and persuasive abilities. Rally for a humanitarian cause boosts their self-esteem and gives them confidence to stand as an aware and conscious citizen. Team work is also inculcated in the volunteer students. Campaigning on social media for the event equips them with the modern IT skills and makes them media savvy.

Book Donation Drives

Acknowledging the fact that literacy level and educational attainment are important determinants of development , our School Interact Club, AGRANI, joined hands with ‘Share a Book India Association’, a non-profit organization working towards attainment of universal quality education to organize a ‘Book Donation Drive’ in our school on the days of PTM. This initiative ‘#Mission 100’ aims to achieve educational equity for hundreds of village children studying across India with few means.
Impact: Dipsites once again exhibited their ‘spirit of giving’, donating huge number of books both story books as well as academic books for the literacy drive. Campaigning for the cause of deprived children and spreading awareness about need for literacy for all, the exercise taught the students to coordinate, plan and execute programs, team-work, time-management skills, communication and thinking ‘out-of-box’ ability and other important life-skills.