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Little Wonders Wing (Nursery – IV)

The first five years have so much to do with how the next eight years turn out.

Little Wonders Wing at DPSGF is a happy, safe and engaging learning space designed to provide an enriching environment to young learners. The curriculum is based on contemporary research and principles of early childhood development. It is developmentally appropriate, integrated, play – led and ensures stimulating experiences across different domains to address the needs of a child. Hence our little Dipsites happily indulge in experimenting new ideas, mistake-making, laughter-sharing, brain-stretching and independence building.

They ask questions, we see creative explorers; they play outdoor games, we see motivated learners; they express, we notice inquisitiveness. Holistic development is aimed for, through our child friendly, creative and activity based curriculum.

  • It is integrated and progressive with structured and well defined pedagogy that includes number of indoor and outdoor activities, art and craft, storytelling, theme based concepts, picture talk, free conversations, science experiments, songs and rhymes, movement and organized games.
  • There is emphasis on developing the language, numeracy, cognitive, socio-emotional and motor skills. Through creative play and social interactions, the little ones are equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in a truly engaging, innovative and refreshing way.
  • Inspired by Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, emphasis is laid on Inquiry based learning and exposure to a world beyond books through projects, celebrations, stage presentations, trips excursions, dramatization, sensory play etc
  • To develop listening skills, social skills and peer partnership, Circle Time is a feature of daily activity.
  • Children love engaging with interactive tools, toys, beads, strings, blocks etc. for fine and gross motor development.
  • Emphasis is on clear speech, action, phonics, manners, social and emotional adjustments, awareness of environment and neuro muscular co-ordination through games and activities.
  • Sand pit, swings, slides, cycles, crafts, clay work etc. provide fun and recreation. The favourite of all are the splash pool play, horse riding, yoga and fun races to enhance fine and gross motor development.
  • Interactive smart classes, computer aided techniques, audio – visual presentations and practical experiments, broaden the horizon of children.

Our Dipsites explore new horizons, build new capacities and visibly grow.