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Cyber Security

In light of concerted encouragement to active use of technology as well as learning of new technological skills by both teachers and students and to protect students from possible unethical use of technology, DPS Greater Faridabad has a clear IT Policy in place which protects the users and facilitates new learning


  • The primary use of computer resources and the internet is to support research and education.
  • Students must follow copyright regulations and will not copy programs or pirated software.
  • Internet and e-mail may be accessed via the school’s network during school hours and on working or the ICT Administrator.
  • Students are permitted to use the internet under the supervision and guidance of their teachers specifically for work assigned to them.
  • Students are not permitted to access the internet for personal use, for personal access to social networking sites unless given specific permission to do so.


  • In case of misuse of any ICT resource or equipment by any student, the issue will be resolved in accordance with the disciplinary guidelines of the school in a manner appropriate to the age of the student.
  • In the event of this recurring, parents/guardians are informed through a letter sent home/telephone call/parent meeting depending on the severity of misuse as determined by the ICT Administrator, ICT Head of Department and Head of School.
  • In the event of students hacking into the network or attempting to disrupt the smooth running of the network, they can be suspended at the discretion of the Head of School
  • Misuse by any staff member will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Head of the School, depending on the severity of misuse.
  • Distinction will be made between deliberate misuse and misuse through ignorance. Misuse through ignorance will be dealt compassionately and through education in ICT usage.


  • In case e-mail access is required for a school project or a competition, it must be done under the supervision of teacher.
  • Students are not permitted to access the Internet for personal use, for personal access to social networking sites unless given specific permission to do so.
  • Posting anonymous messages and forwarding chain letters is not permitted.
  • If school e-mails are used for personal purposes, the users must be aware that these may be monitored and accessed by the ICT Administrator.


  • Downloading of external data in the form of legal and legitimate documents, music, images etc. from any device (such as USB drives, cameras, smartphones, CD ROMs etc.) requires prior approval of the ICT Administrator.
  • Download of documents related to day to day functioning of the school, educational purpose and practice is permitted after prior approval from the concerned teacher.
  • All documents and files must be checked for viruses and threats before download.