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Middle Wing (V-VIII)

Every child’s journey from childhood to young adulthood is immensely vital, It lays the foundation for the High School Academic program. Thus, it is important for us to recognise their potential during this period with timely assistance and support.
It is our constant endeavour to encourage and inspire our students to think for themselves and pursue their interests through independent reading and research. We facilitate our students to learn to be collaborators, innovators, and creative thinkers who will be ready to take on any challenge. Collaborative learning is incorporated into lessons so students can share ideas and learn with and from each other. Students are involved in experiential learning that helps them make deep and long-lasting connections with the course material.
Our curriculum is interspersed with scholastic and co-scholastic activities to make the children discover themselves and learn through exploration and discovery. Ample importance is given to computer education, yoga, sports, music, dance, and art. Our students are exposed to various clubs through Personality Development Programme (PDP). The programme apart from engaging and educating explores the hidden talents of our students and brings out the multi-faceted personality in them.