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Celebrating Our Connect

“Each Generation must write its own history not because past histories are untrue but because in a rapidly changing world new questions arise and new answers are needed.”
With a strong conviction in this quote, our very inquisitive dipsites took up the task of unraveling stories from the past, both of India and that of the World.
Wearing their enquiry glasses , the enthusiastic researchers started digging into the gone eras and brought for us some fine stories covering diverse aspects of human existence. Some were  about events (crafted by human or nature) that changed the course of history, important personalities , ideas prevailing across time and space whereas others were about significant political, socio-cultural or economic development  in the country and the world at large.
Plethora of themes were brought to fore ranging from the great kings like Kanishka the Great,  Brave Puru to stories of common people with uncommon courage like Onake Obava . Some talked about the regional heroes like Banda SIngh Bahadur, Sambhaji Maharaj, Rani Gaidinliu others highlighted the contribution of nationalist heroes like Subhash Chandra Bose and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The movements like Women Suffrage movements in India, Poor People’s Movement in USA and the much talked about LGBTQ movement were also written about. A dipsite very brilliantly brought forth the nationalist facet of Adolf  Hitler. We aim to keep this  spirit of inquiry and research in our dipsites alight, always.
Each of these stories by our young historians, deserve to be documented and published. Delve in these stories with us !!!