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Awards & Honours

We encourage excellence in academics as well as cultural, sports and club activities. We also appreciate positive behaviour, leadership and community service.

Awards which are an integral part of our canvas of encouragement:

  • A Scholar Badge accompanied by a Certificate of Merit, is awarded for academic excellence based on whole year performance with minimum criteria as detailed below:
    1. IV – X – 80% and above in aggregate
    2. XI and XII – 75% and above in aggregate
  • Three consecutive years of winning the Scholar Badge from class IV onwards will make a student eligible for the Blue Blazer Award.
  • Six consecutive years of a Scholar Badge will make a student eligible for the Scholar Blue Tie.
  • Seven consecutive years of a Scholar Badge will make a student eligible for the Gold Medal.
  • Eight consecutive years of a Scholar Badge will make a student eligible for the Trophy (IV-XI Only).
  • Certificate of Merit shall be awarded to students securing highest & second highest score in all sections of a particular class (IV – IX). This certificate of merit will not be curtailed by any considerations of number of winners.


In order to encourage and facilitate recognition to students who are academically strong, the school offers the platform of J.K. Jain Scholarship through a written test assessment at Class X for students for Class XI & XII which is:

      • announced to parents and students through a detailed circular well on time and a newspaper advertisement in national dailies.
      • accompanied by clear instructions on subjects, syllabus and form of questions to be asked.
      • open for voluntary participation
      • tentatively held between Oct – Jan of academic session through minimum one and more opportunities for participation.
  • Students qualifying with commendable performance and taking general positive behaviour feedback as well as co-scholastic profile of student into consideration, they are short-listed for interaction with J.K. Jain Scholarship Committee headed by Principal and awards are declared for Classes XI-XII.
  • The qualifying criteria for continuation of J.K. Jain Scholarship Scheme for Class XII is a score of minimum 75% in the Annual Examination.
  • In addition, the Class X CBSE Board Exam Result is also taken towards grant of J.K. Jain Scholarship, irrespective of scholarship awarded or not awarded through written assessment test. This is an additional opportunity to become eligible for award of scholarship for students who, after passing Class X are moving to Class XI.
  • The J.K. Jain Scholarship is also awarded to students posting outstanding performance consistently in sports at national and International level in Govtt. recognised sports events. This is done through receipt of application at the close of a session for next session and is subject to continuation of high level performance in the forthcoming session as well.

  • Perceiving the role of a well-stocked bright and happy library alongside an incentive to read and enjoy words, the School has designed I Read I Lead Programme which follows the same pattern as Scholar Badge system.
      • For 10 books read at the earliest – a Special Bookmark
      • For 20 books in an academic year – a Bronze Reader Badge
      • For 3 years Consecutive Bronze Reader – a Silver Badge
      • For 5 years Consecutive Silver Reader – a Golden Badge


In response to the call of times as outlined in NEP 2020, we are instituting the award of Honour’s Badge for consistent excellence in areas of art, dance, music, leadership, community service, competitive examination and sports.

All students of classes IV onwards can apply for assessment towards selection for the award of ‘Honour’s Badge’ on the prescribed form available with the school. The points awarded for various levels of participation and Honour’s Badge are detailed as following:

  • Inter-School Competitions (All areas)/Govt. & registered bodies events.
      • Winner 1st: 15 points
      • Winner 2nd: 10 points
      • Participation: 5 points
  • DPS Society Functions -15 points for winning position & 10 points for participation
  • Annual Productions – 5 points for participation
  • Articles, Poem Writing etc. in newspaper/magazines 2 points per publication
  • Assembly Participation – 5 points
  • School Functions – 5 points per participation (Maximum points 20)
  • Inter-Section Events (Department-wise)-Debates, Quiz or any other Literary Events etc.
      • Winner 1st: 12 points
      • Winner 2nd: 6 points
      • Participation: 3 points
  • Olympiads
      • State Ranks 1-20: 15 points
      • State Ranks 21-50: 10 points
      • State Ranks 51-100 and above: 5 points
      • Participation: 2 points
  • Volunteers for school events/functions: 2 points (Max. two events)
    • Students getting Honour’s Badge are expected to participate enthusiastically in school functions and Inter School Competitions.
  • Exceptional Stand Alone Achievements will be evaluated on their individual merit and shall carry a score of minimum 25 points.