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Awards & Honours

We encourage excellence in academics as well as cultural, sports and club activities. We also appreciate positive behavior, leadership and community service.


  • A Scholar Badge accompanied by a Certificate of Merit, is awarded from class IV onwards for academic excellence based on cumulative examination performance (both Term I and Term II) where a student has scored CGPA 8.4 & above.
  • Three consecutive years of winning the Scholar Badge from class IV onwards will make a student eligible for the Blue Blazer Award.
  • Six consecutive years of a Scholar Badge will make a student eligible for the Gold Medal.
  • Certificate of Merit shall be awarded to students securing highest & second highest CGPA in all sections of a particular class (IV – VIII). This certificate of merit will not be curtailed by any considerations of number of winners.
  • Certificate of Merit shall be awarded to students securing CGPA 10 (IV-X)
  • Certificate of Merit shall be awarded to students for 100 % attendance for classes Nursery – X.
  • A Honour’s Badge is awarded for noted and consistent excellence in areas of art, dance, music, leadership, community service, competitive examination and sports.
  • Perceiving the role of a well-stocked bright and happy library alongside an incentive to read and enjoy words, the School has designed IRIL programme which follows the same pattern as Scholar Badge system.

– For 5 years Consecutive Silver Reader a Golden Badge
– For 3 years Consecutive Bronze Reader a Silver Badge
– For 20 books in an academic year a Bronze Reader Badge
– For 10 books read at the earliest a special bookmark

  • In addition, the school celebrates positive behaviour and acts of courage and care for others.
  • Any such behaviour will be applauded and commended at class level, in School Assemblies, through appreciation letters and communications to parents.The school celebrates every act of compassion and care, big or small.
  • All students of classes fourth onwards can apply for assessment towards selection for the award of Honour’s Badge on the prescribed form available with the school.
  • The points awarded for various levels of participation and awards are detailed as following:
  • Inter-School Competitions (All Subjects)/Govt. & registered bodies events.
    – Winner 1st: 15 points
    – Winner 2nd: 10 points
    – Participation: 5 points
  • DPS Society Functions -15 points for winning position & 10 points for participation
  • Annual Productions – 5 points for participation
  • Articles, Poem Writing etc. in newspaper/magazines 5 points per publication
  • Assembly Participation – 5 points
  • School Functions – 5 points per participation (Maximum points 20)
  • Inter-Section Events (Department-wise)-Debates, Quiz or any other Literary Events etc – Winner 1st: 12 points – Winner 2nd: 6 points – Participation: 3 points
  • Olympiads – State Ranks 1-20: 15 points
    – State Ranks 21-50: 10 points
    – State Ranks 51-100 and above: 5 points
    – Participation: 2 points
  • SMTE (Science and Maths Talent Examination-only for class IX)
    – Participation: 2 points 
    – Qualified for 2nd level: 10 points 
    – Qualified for final level: 15 points
  • Volunteers for school events/functions: 2 points (Max. two events) – Students getting Honour’s Badge are expected to participate enthusiastically in school functions and Inter School Competitions.
  • 89% in academics
  • Excellence in any 2 co-scholastic areas
  • Position holder of 2 different events.
  • Participation in Inter-school competitions/govt. or registered bodies events.
  • Aryabhatta, Manavsthali and other Inter school competitions in which students are selected and sent for participation will come under Inter-school
  • Preference will be given to students supporting social causes.
  • Students suspended for involvement in indisciplinary acts will not be eligible for All Rounder award.
  • Awardees of Honour’s Badge and All Rounder Award will be selected by Awards Committee.