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Title of the document Bus Routes For The Session: 2024-2025

Safety and security are given prime importance. For emergencies, there is a well-equipped ambulance on campus.

The campus security staff members are supported by technical systems like surveillance cameras and bio-metric access gates that meet international safety norms.

Transport facility is available for Faridabad & adjoining areas. Parents are requested to ascertain availability of bus facility for the area of their residence before completing admission formalities. Bus facilities are a privilege and not a right. The school does not guarantee provision of bus facility to all students and all areas of residence. Possible new areas on our road map-Sarita Vihar, Jasola & Alaknanda.

Bus Routes for Session 2024-25:
Classes Montessori to I & III | Classes II & IV to XII

Important Do's For Students

  • Students must arrive at designated stop five minutes before time. The bus will not wait for a late student.
  • Students must remain seated for the entire journey. Any rigidness, bullying, movement up and down, or any behaviour that distracts the attendant or driver is to be avoided.
  • Students must respect co-travellers and all passers by as well with no negative interaction.
  • While alighting, students must ensure that no belonging is left behind.
  • Also the students must watch out for traffic on the road while boarding or alighting.
  • Incase a student is not to travel by bus, an application should be sent a day in advance.
  • No student will be allowed to leave school with parents without prior intimation to the Class Teacher.
  • In case of any inconvenience or need, students must contact staff on the bus unhesitatingly but in a disciplined manner.
  • Intimation for discontinuation of service should be given with one month of notice period. In case of failure to do so, one month transport fee will be charged.
  • Students must pay attention to the ‘Quiz on Move’ (Bus Quiz) being discussed by the Bus Teacher Incharge everyday in the bus.

Important Dont's For Students

  • Students must not board/alight while the bus is moving under any circumstances.
  • Students must not try to open the door/ lean out/ throw anything etc. while the bus is moving. This is very important. No chewing gum is allowed inside the bus.
  • Students must not stand on seats/ damage or break any fitting, seats etc. No graffiti is allowed.
  • Any damage to the school bus will be charged to the wrong doer. In case of damage not owned up individually or suitably identified, all bus users will collectively pay for the damage.
  • Any form of misbehavior on bus will lead to the student being disallowed access to this facility.
  • Students must not fight/use abusive or unethical language/shout/move around in the bus/ disobey instruction of staff on duty.
  • Students must not eat/litter in the bus.

Transport Rules

  • Any request for change in routes and bus stops will not be entertained during the course of the session.
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the parents/ guardians to escort the pupil to and from the fixed bus-stops.
  • Entry to school is through main gate which is manned 24*7 by competent security guards. Parents to show their ID Card at the time of entry & leaving with their ward at end of school/special occasions. Visitors are allowed entry only through issue of Visitor Pass. Parents/Visitors are not allowed to meet any student during working hours without prior permission.
  • School has installed CCTV cameras to cover all areas for a secure school environment.

    Note: In case the school agrees to provide transport facility, it will be provided at parents’ own risk & responsibility. The school offers no guarantee that bus facility will be offered when the buses are full to capacity/do not ply in the area of your residence. It will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians to drop-off and pick-up the child from school. Once provided the facility will not be discontinued during the academic session.