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You Tube All About it – Summer Camp 2021-22- June 2021

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Scheduled the meeting, brewed a cup of coffee!!! 

Students poured in, and the session started…

An hour later, we left looking at an untouched, spoiled cup of coffee, and a look of satisfaction on the students’ faces. Such is the thrill in teaching students who are eager to learn, and flood the chat with uncountable questions…said Nalen Gupta, Anant Raj and HitakshiBachchani- student trainers with their mentor Ms Neetu Gupta who are enjoying the sessions with their students in amazing sessions of YouTube All about it” @ Summer camp 2021. 

Streaming is one most loved area by students, providing them a wonderful platform to present their views in the area of their interest and share it via social media.It provides a channel of communication with your audience.

Some moments of the session stole 🙂 especially for our lovely Facebook audience…