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Yellow Week Celebration, Class Montessori @ 06-09 May, 2024

‘Yellow’ is the symbolic colour of spreading shine. It is one of the happiest and brightest of all the colours. It is the colour of happiness, cheerfulness and fun. To celebrate the joy of colours, our little ones celebrated ‘Yellow Week’ from May 6 – May 9, 2024. To mark this week very special, our little Dipsites were decked in yellow and brought yellow colour fruits like mango, pineapple, banana etc. Not only this, they delightfully engaged themselves in crafting pineapple. The whole environment was lit up with the smiles of the little ones as they explored the mystery box filled with loads of yellow objects.

By indulging in fun and frolic, our little angels got familiar with the yellow colour effortlessly, developed their cognitive skills by discovering objects that are universally yellow in colour and improved their visual learning. The vibrant ‘Yellow Week’ turned out to be a great celebration for each one of us.