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Yellow Day Celebration Class Nursery

Yellow is the brightest and happiest of all the colours. It represents sunshine and warmth. To introduce our little Dipsites to such a jovial colour, DPS Greater Faridabad celebrated ‘Yellow Day’ on Monday, May 4,2020 for the students of class Nursery. It was an exquisite celebration as the teachers and students celebrated the day over the online session making it lively and high spirited. Our tiny tots attired in shades of yellow sparkled with joy as they recited the yellow colour rhyme with their teachers. They very enthusiastically exhibited their colouring skills by making a ‘Chick Craft’ using handprints. The whole environment was lit up with the smiles of the little ones as they identified the yellow colour objects shown by the teacher. A captivating story was also narrated to the young learners to enhance their listening skills. They demonstrated their excitement by drawing the emojees related to the story and loved tracing the standing lines and the curves using yellow colour. The students whole heartedly participated in all the activities which helped in reinforcing their fine motor and cognitive skills. The highlight of the day was ‘The Chick Dance’ which made the day a memorable one for each one of us. Our little munchkins looked mesmerising while tapping their little feet on the catchy beats of the song. It was indeed a visual treat.

The little Dipsites experienced a fun-filled learning day with an everlasting smile on their face.