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Like any teacher, I too believe, I am a docile & resilient person with a good mental strength (stated in my resume too! 😊). So, when I was invited to participate in a session on the theme, ‘Stress Management for Teachers’, it was like, “Seriously!”. Anyways, firmly believing that there is always learning, how so ever relevant or irrelevant you see the thing is. So, very excitedly, I sat through the online session conducted by the renowned neuro psychiatrist Dr. Sanjay Chugh under the DPS Society- HRDC Online Training Session program on 28 Oct 2020.

As the session proceeded, so many facts, truths and phenomena, I was ignorant about, came to forth, compelling me to pause, ponder and take a self- check of my mental well-being. Some of the nuggets, that I could gather from the session, I wish to share with all the readers.

  • Surprisingly, we found that all the fears, doubts, apprehensions that sum up to form anxieties and stresses are largely perceived dangers or situations, a meaningless anticipation about things that may happen in future. In fact, research proves that 90% of things that people worry about never happened. So true!
  • Interestingly, not all anxieties or stresses produce negative effect. Some act as positive triggers as well, encouraging us to work hard, like the exam stress catalyzes a student to study or the deadline for a project motivates an employee to work relentlessly.
  • Worry, distress or the negative anxiety rarely helps produce any positive result, instead it leads to compromising on our optimal performance.
  • Attribution style plays great role in handling of stress. People usually attribute their stress to external factors (what would the boss say? What would the colleagues think? What if I do not perform well?). Instead, they should internalize the situation, introspect and find ways to deal with the anxiety.
  • Lastly, the mantra for a peaceful and content life- Don’t allow the onus of your happiness outside the area of your control.

Before I end my writing, let me share the title of the book one should read for mental well-being as recommended by the resource person- The Feeling Good Handbook by David D. Burns. I have booked by copy, you too may! Wishing you all a happy mind in a healthy body!!!

Asha Dahima