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Workshop organized by IC3 regional forum- May 21, 2022.

The full day workshop hosted at Shiv Nadar School, Greater Faridabad began on an auspicious note with lighting of the ceremonial lamp of knowledge, an invocation to the Almighty and an inaugural address by Principal Ms Anju Wal. Ms Amrita Ghulati, Director, Academics. IC3 Institute took the session forward with a brief introduction of the Forum, the essentials of which are to Sensitise the educators to the need and criticality of the career and college counselling function, Glamorize the profession so that enough people take on teaching and counselling as a career and Develop the human resources and conduct research to deliver their function effectively in schools.

Dr Ananya Mukherjee, Key Speaker made a brief mention of changing educational landscape from school to university with a focus on recognition and appreciation of students’  individual abilities. The need is to strike a balance between structured learning and learner centric learning, to prepare them for a successful tomorrow.

The school choir celebrating the spirit of perseverance initiated an appropriate start to the next segment on Entrepreneurship by Guest Speaker, Prof Harish Chaudhry.

The 4 consecutive Sessions highlighted the various pertinent issues related to Counselling and Career Choices. Ms Neha Bahl, Director, IC3 elucidated in Session I – The Counselling Laboratory – Relevance and Impact (for High School and University Delegates) the use of the word laboratory in the given context and put to audience various questions –

  • How is career and college counselling perceived?
  • The grade in which it should begin?  
  • Should it be need based?
  • Is it best outsourced?
  • Is counselling sitting at the periphery or is it a core function of the school?

The interactive session had varied answers from the participants and the session concluded with enumerating collaboration, loyalty, peace, engagement and happiness, as the future impact of the Counselling Laboratory.

Session II, Brainstorming Workshop: conducted in two segments- (A) Building a Counseling Curriculum ( for High School Delegates) by Ms Meenu Arora, Associate Director, Outreach,  Krea  University and Ms Amrita Ghulati, Director, Academics and (B) Bridging the Gap- Educating the Parent about Higher Education (for University Delegates) by Ms Anchita Kapoor, Ms Nitina Dua and Ms Tanushree Sinha saw active participation by the audience, who worked in different groups, strategizing different activities on their chosen theme for the grade selected by the group.

Post Lunch, Session III was set rolling by Dr Afrose Farid,  Professor & Head Admissions,  Hindustan , Institute of Technology & Science,  who shared valuable insights on Evolution of Creative Careers .  Preparing students for the new age Careers requires them to be involved in real life situations that focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills and educating them to not only identifying the correct choices and then preparing them for it by strengthening the 3 Hs- head, heart and hand, taking ownership of their work, setting goals, working towards creative and innovative solutions, etc.

Session IV- Underrated Factors for University Selection by Mr. Vir Anand, Ms. Anuradha Gupta and Mr. Aamir Masood witnessed candid exchange between the speakers and the participants.

In the Concluding session ,Ms Neha Bahl and Mr Vir talked about the Way Forward with IC3 Institutes with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms Anchita.