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Workshop On Machine Learning- Organised By HRDC- Oct 04, 2021

The workshop was organized by DPS Society HRD Centre for Computer Science teachers on Machine Learning dated 4th Oct 2021.

The convenor for the workshop was Ms Vinita Sehgal along with Ms Nita Kumar and M. Sudeshna to handle the Q/A and the chat box.

The Resource person for the workshop was  Professor Chandrajit Bajaj ,  Director of Centre for Computational Visualization.  University of Texas ,Austin , USA

The workshop was quite informative and interactive as the whole session was based on different queries posted by educators. He focused on the Importance of Machine Learning at the same time differentiated it being a subset of Artificial Intelligence .AI is a much bigger concept as intelligent machines can simulate human minds and their capability. Machine learning is basically training a machine on set data patterns, and how much data a machine needs to be trained to make decisions on its own. Some more basic concepts which he highlighted were Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning and different techniques like Regression, Clustering, Deep Learning and Neural Networks . He also explained the technique being used to retrieve the missing data or a part of the image which was corrupted.