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What Do We Assess And What Do We Value- By Dr Ingram- June 14, 2021

With the constant guidance and support of HRDC DPS Society, having persistent encouragement of our respected Principal ma’am, Mrs. Surjeet Khanna, a webinar on “What do we assess and What do we Value?” was conducted on 14th June 2021 in order to enhance the teaching and assessment skills of our Math department.

During the webinar, Dr. Ingram’s first of all started with “What are we doing Mathematically? She explained in Math we solve the problems in different ways like generalising, conjecturing, identify a pattern, comparing, classifying, validating, justifying, proving, exemplifying, orgainsing etc. But as teachers, we should balance assessments and values. We should bring reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity for solving various problems in Math. Also she said  before assessment an individual’s capacity to reason mathematically, to formulate, employ and interpret Mathematical problem all should be checked. Which is possible if we include concepts, procedures, facts and tools to solve problems. All these will assist individuals to know the role that Mathematics play in the world.

Alongwith solving questions we can include True/False Type, Always Sometimes Never Type, Step by step change of instructions based questions should be asked to the students to arouse their interest in assessments.

After the assessment students should be given effective feedback of assessment. They should be actively involve  in their own learning. Teachers should adjust their teaching to take into account the assessment results. Also teachers should help the needy students to be able to assess themselves and understand how to improve.

The session concluded with many mathematical games that can be played to make the Math interesting. I found the webinar very interesting and useful.


Himani Dawer Munjal