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Webinar On Technology Inclusive Classroom- Organised By HRDC- May 04-06, 2022

A teacher training workshop was organized by DPS Society-HRDC, on May 4, 5 & 6, 2022. The online session titled “Technology Inclusive Classrooms” was presented by trainers from Edunet Foundation, Ms Neha and Ms Manogna. Mr V K Shunglu, Chairman of DPS Society, and other spokesperson from the DPS Society also shared their valuable thoughts on technology and education.

I had the opportunity to be attend the online education program, which encourages technology to be used in classroom teaching because it provides teachers with more tools to support students for a better understanding of materials. Also using of technology in the learning process help students become active participants and thereby active learners.

Technology being a part of education goes hand-in-hand with teachers’ experiences in identifying a Model Classroom for holistic learning. The Model Classroom incorporates the modern methods: technology-driven classrooms, linking curriculum with life, cross-curricular connections and most importantly emphasis on skill building, life skills and values.

An open-ended discussion on the pros and cons of technology made the workshop interactive and fascinating. Discussions on case-studies provided a platform for every participant to share their views.

The trainers informed about the different digital tools and apps that can be used in Classroom teaching. The science behind the video games help us to realize why children get fascinated about online games, and this knowledge can be used to select self-learning, subject oriented , technology-based games through which learning can be joyful and productive.

Technology and Tools are parts of Model Classroom, but it is important to choose them wisely keeping in mind the learning outcomes.