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Webinar On Shaping Classroom Interactions Through Music And Puppetry- HRDC- June 22, 2021

Part 1–Music :The session began with an energizer on sounds by Ms. Madhavi Menon. She explained how music can be created using the following steps.

  1. Sounds – She made different sounds from her mouth and asked participants to do the same. This way she demonstrated how sounds can be used to grab attention of our learners and energize them as well.
  2. Words: After creating sounds we can add words to the sounds.
  3. Rhythm – Once we have added words to the sounds we can create repeated patterns to make a rhythm.
  4. Rhythm has a positive effect on our mind. Whenever we hear a rhythm we feel energized. That’s the effect of sound, beats, rhythm and music. By following these steps students can make their own music. This can have a calming effect on everyone especially those students who are stressed, upset or hyperactive.

Part 2:Puppetry

She demonstrated a small act using a Kashmiri girl’s sock puppet who was upset as her mother went missing during riots. She modulated her voice to create feelings and emotions. She emphasized on depicting emotions through voice modulation.

How puppets can be used in teaching and learning:

  • We can use specific puppet for specific subjects.
  • We can teach topics through puppetry to make it more exciting.
  • The puppet can enact as teacher on a particular day.
  • A puppet can be used as a mascot for a particular week.
  • We can combine Music and Puppetry to make our classrooms alive and interactive.

On the whole the session was interactive and engaging. We have been using puppetry and sounds quite regularly and effectively, while delivering our lessons.  Mixing music and puppetry can enhance our presentation even more.

Attendee: Ritu Handa