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Webinar On Library Science- Organised By HRDC- Jan 28-29, 2021

It is always a great opportunity to get chance to learn something new. I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to attend 2 days webinar conducted by DPSS, HRDC. The webinar enhanced my knowledge which I won’t limit to myself but share with my fellow teachers and students.

This webinar was attended by DPS Librarians from across the country. The webinar started with the Keynote address by Executive Director, Ms.Vinita Sehgal and Chairman Mr.V K Shunglu .

Day 1-The session as taken by Dr. Liladhar Pendse, Librarian for the Caribbean and Latin American Studies UC Berkeley on the topic-Library Resources – E-books and Open Access Resources. He share his experience about the handling of his library during lockdown. The2nd session was taken by Ms Sharbani Roy ,Senior Librarian in charge , Alliance Française de Delhi on the topic Multifaceted Role of Librarians .She discussed about the activities conducted ,software used  and  ambience of the  her library. The last session of the day was taken by Ms Lisa Snyder, Head of Information Services, The Haverford School  on the topic Mission & Philosophy of Librarians , Library Consortiums ,Developing Relationships ,Support to Individuals & the Community. Her session was very interesting in which she talked about their community programmes.

Day 2-The session was taken by Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Professor & Head of Department Dept. of Library & Information Science, University of Delhion the topic Information Outreach, Negotiation with Publishers, Knowledge Management Systems, Digitization and Automation.

The final session was taken by Dr. Shiva Kanaujia Sukula, Deputy Librarian, Dr B.R. Ambedkar Central Library, Jawaharlal Nehru University on the topic Copyright & Plagiarism .The session was very informative.

It was a wonderful learning. Ultimate goal of the webinar was empower us about E- Resources, tools and techniques .For me it was a gateway of new learning. I am really thankful to DPSS,HRDC and our School Principal, Ms. Surjeet Khanna for giving me exposure to learn.

-Mamta Deshwal

IT FEST 2023