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Dated: 10/11/2020
Host: DPS Society
Speaker: Ms Anjali Mata and MsPriya
Attendees: Teachers of DPS
Venue: Online (Zoom)
Time: 3-5pm

During the introductory statement, the speaker spoke about the ways in which  traditional education is compartmentalized. According to her, there was no link or connection between the subjects. Importance was given on how to harness music with each subject. To bring change in the face of education, the speaker stressed  on the need to collaborate creativity, ability to think, critical thinking, evaluation and assessing along with problem solving.

The use of ICT was deeply stressed by the speaker. Ms Anjali Mata spoke on the need to involve music in learning and in teaching. She explained on the benefits of music as it triggers both sides of our brain and can be helpful in teaching smaller kids in the early years; as music helps in eye-hand coordination, improves concentration and trains one’s ears inidentifying sounds. The advantage of involving music in interdisciplinary learning was made clear as it improves lateral thinking and lateral movement.

  • To show how important integrated learning can be, an audio clipping of chirping birds, sounds of animals and a running stream accompanied by rain and thunder was played to show how environmental science , Math, Science, Art , Language, Dance and Music was all used. Music was used to identify the sound, Math to calculate the speed, weight, length, breadth, height, the wing span of a bird,etc.
  • To show the importance of art in integrated learning, an audio was played and the students were expected to draw and paint a scene according to the music they heard or felt, thus improve the imaginative and creative skills unlike the regular art and craft periods.
  • To rediscover the interaction between the teacher and the student, the speaker quoted Benjamin Franklin,’ If you tell me I forget. If you teach me I will remember and if you involve me I will follow”.

The talk was followed by a lengthy Q&A session for which the speakers answered patiently with all the rich experiences they had. It was a very interesting webinar and I learnt a lot from it. Though we in DPSGF follow a lot of what was said, it still was a great learning experience.