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Webinar On Early Intervention And Children With Special Needs by HRDC- June 23, 2021

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela 

DPSS.HRDC organized a webinar on “Early Intervention & Children with Special Needs (ECE)”at Zoom platform and I (Ms. Megha Mahna) class teacher of Grade-II had this opportunity to attend the webinar. Many faculty from different branches of Delhi Public School across the nation attended this webinar.

Date and Time: June 23rd2021, 2:45 pm

Duration:2 hours

Resource Person: Dr. Kavita Arora (Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Children First)

The webinar started with the brief introduction by Webinar HRD about the resource person. Dr. Kavita Arora is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, an MBBS, MD, CCST (UK) and co founder of Children First.

HRDC team addressed the online gathering. Focussed session was then initiated in below chronological order and key takeaways are as follows:

  • Theme 1: What are Special needs?

She presented a video and explained about the baseline of the topic (Special needs).

  • Theme 2: The Neuroscience

She elaborated on topics for instance – How the brain works in early years?, What would Special needs mean and has it changed in Covid times etc.

  • Theme 3: The story of human brain

The brain shapes and reshapes in our lifespan. She enlightened about pruning and proliferation that is how our neurons work till the age of 3 and 14years. To explain this area for better understanding as per teachers, she beautifully presented a story ‘The Invisible Child’.

She concluded the session by emphasizing on conduction of engaging environment with empathy and compassion for all children.

My Key Considerations from the webinar presented by Dr. Kavita:

  • The most important rule whether you are teaching special needs children or general education children is patience. We need to have and show patience. We shouldn’t be frustrated to answer various questions.
  • Being a Class Teacher we must discuss the concerns with school counselor and help the child as well as parent whenever it’s required.
  • We need to review and inspect our own effort, mind set, acceptance and awareness which makes the understanding easier about the special need of child.
  • There is no child who cannot learn, hence always keep a positive approach.
  • A collective, collaborative, empathetic and caring attitude of class teacher as well as peer group will prove to be a role model approach for special need.
  • Always enjoy with children while teaching and try no child should feel special (special need) to enhance inclusive learning.
  • Execute the concept of WOW

W – Welcome all kinds of students wholeheartedly.

O – Original – Accept them as they are.

W – Worthy – Always make them feel they are worthy & you love them.

  • Nothing occurs in isolation. Always be supportive and accessible towards the child & the parent. Maturation and growth is determined by connectivity.
  • Responsive relationships always build healthy brain architecture hence communicate as much as possible.

The webinar ended up with the valedictory ceremony. The Webinar HRDC’s head Ms. Vanita Sehgal gave a brief review about presentation. At last, the participants filled the feedback form followed by vote of thanks. Participants will receive an e-certificate.

The workshop was an enriching experience. There were good and innovative learnings as mentioned above, which I will surely discuss collaboratively with my peers towards implementing in our institution.

I am thankful to DPS, Greater Faridabad management for giving mean opportunity to attend such a valuable and persuasive webinar.


Ms. MeghaMahna