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Webinar On Early Childhood Education-June 25, 2021

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has replaced the 10+2 model with the 5+3+3+4 model laying a lot of emphasis on the initial 5 years ‘Foundational Stage’. Activity Based Learning, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy and use of the Home Language as a medium of instruction are some of the key aspects of the Policy. With the aim of providing the teachers with some valuable inputs and suggestions on these topics, the DPSS-HRDC organized this webinar on Early Childhood Education 

Topic: Integrating Foundational Literacy and Numeracy with Toy Based Pedagogy

Date: Friday, June 25, 2021

Time:(3:00 pm – 5:00 pm IST)

Resource Person: Ms Romila Soni, Associate Professor, Dept. of Elementary Education, NCERT


The webinar started with an introduction of the Resource person. Then after Ms Romila shared a PowerPoint presentation. The speaker gave a detailed insight about National Foundational Literacy and Numbers (FLN) and talked about its importance and implementation in the classroom.

She talked about the vision and mission of Ministry of Education (MOE) for FLN across foundational stage.

She highlighted the link between reading, writing, listening and speaking which is crucial to attain fundamental literacy. And laid emphasis on the importance of toys and games in invoking interest in the young learners.

Few takeaways of the webinar are as under: (Although we at DPS Greater Faridabad are already implementing them very efficiently in our school)

  • Hands on activities to teach a given concept
  • Teachers must always write in manuscript form (print)
  • Create a shared library area in the classroom
  • Report Cards should be aligned with the learning objectives
  • Creating different learning centers in the classroom
  • Promoting numeracy rich classroom environment
  • Providing enough verbal opportunities to a learner.
  • Labelling in English and Hindi both.
  • Creating word wall.
  • Learning one new word every day (WOD)
  • DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Time
  • Story Telling Sessions
  • Sight word reading

However, when it comes to any new learning from the session, I would say Yes, I learned about the FLN’s vision and mission. But in a broader view the webinar talked about nationwide vision including both Government and Private Sector schools.

In my personal opinion private schools, like ours is already implementing FLN in a much efficient way. The pedagogies told to accomplish the same are already being implemented by us while planning our lessons plans, activities, events, assemblies, newsletter etc. Overall as per my personal view, we are definitely meeting the expectations of MOE, in implementation of FLN.

Anu Singh