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Webinar on ‘Best Teaching Practices in implementing the guidelines of NEP 2020 in Early Childhood Education

A webinar on ‘Best Teaching Practices in implementing the guidelines of NEP 2020 in Early Childhood Education’ was conducted by HRDC, DPSS on January 29, 2024.

The practices were shared by Ms. Kavya Malani (DPS, Atal Nagar), Ms. Priyadarshini (DPS, Dhanbad), Ms. Banita Singh ( DPS, Faridabad), Ms. Mandeep Kaur Jaggi ( DPS, Maruti Kunj) and Ms. Roli Mittal ( DPS, sector 122, Noida).

The webinar was attended by Ms. Aanchal Kaushal (pre-primary teacher, DPSGF).

The session focused on implementing NEP 2020 in Early Childhood Education, offering valuable insights from the panelists. Topics such as the vegetable market, water, my country, my green world, and vyanjan parichay were shared, emphasizing experiential, art-integrated learning, and play-based activities. Ms. Vanita Sehgal, Executive Director of HRDC – DPSS, provided constructive feedback, acknowledging practices and suggesting improvements.

The practices shared highlighted the presenters’ adoption of a multidisciplinary approach, signaling a departure from traditional textbooks. Ms. Sehgal’s feedback played a pivotal role in enhancing the session’s effectiveness, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among departments. The webinar served as a platform for knowledge exchange, underlining the ongoing shift towards experiential and collaborative learning.

It’s noteworthy that DPS GF has already implemented the experiential and collaborative learning approach, demonstrating a proactive response to NEP 2020 guidelines. This proactive stance positions the institution as a leader in adapting to evolving educational paradigms.