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Virtual Yellow Day Celebration- Nursery- May 21, 2021

“Yellow, the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness. – Iram Khan 

To introduce our little Dipsites to the fascinating world of colours and to add a drop of sunshine to these difficult times, we at DPS Greater Faridabad, celebrated ‘Yellow Day’ for the students of Class Nursery on May 21, 2021.It was a scintillating celebration as the teachers and the students participated wholeheartedly over the online session with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day was lit up with the beaming smiles of the tiny tots donned in bright yellow attires. They gleefully participated in sorting game that made the learning event active and engaging. The excitement and spark in their eyes could not be missed as they joyfully sorted the yellow coloured objects like sunflower, mango, lemon and many more. The students were thrilled to create their own baby chicks by finger printing. The active participation of students in these activities contributed towards developing their fine motor and cognitive skills to a great extent.  The story of “The Little Yellow Bug” was also narrated to further enhance their listening skills. The little Dipsites celebrated Yellow Day with great joy and happiness. Yellow, the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy transmitted immense positivity amongst our young learners. The essence of colour yellow has truly been captured by them, in right earnest which turned the occasion beautiful and extremely eye soothing, which the colour yellow epitomises.