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Virtual Summer Camp For Class III Dipsites- May 31- June 11, 2021


‘’ Surrounded by the sweet warmth of the sun and the sway of summer winds, my friends and I learnt new fun things at  the summer camp.”

Vacation time is around the corner! Every summer, we ponder on the same question: should we keep working during the summer to avoid dulling our minds? Or should we be granted this time to have fun and chill? Here’s the balanced scorecard -“Do a bit of both!”

We at DPS Greater Faridabad, realize the importance of keeping students fruitfully engaged in various fun activities, especially during these trying times. A ‘Virtual Summer Camp’ can not only provide great relief from the mundane routine but also, give the young ones a vent for channelizing their creative energies.

An enthralling virtual summer camp module, spanning ten days was devised for the Dipsites of class 3. The activities planned were a healthy mix of various experiential learning topics sprinkled with a lot of fun, music and art.

Best learning happens when it is mixed with enjoyment.’ With this mantra, our Dipsites participated wholeheartedly in the plethora of activities planned for them. While Music and Art/craft provided them with creative expression, ‘Fun with Science’ and ‘Fun with Maths’ aimed at acquainting them with concepts in a fun way through experiments and hands on activities. Experiential Interaction, was conducted with the objective of equipping students with general knowledge about the real world.

These sessions were relished equally by learners as well as the facilitators. Sharing a few glimpses of some memorable moments at the camp ….

We wish you a happy and healthy summer!!!!!