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Virtual Fancy Dress Activity- Prep- Feb 10 & 12, 2021

Fancy Dress is usually the most awaited activity of the year. This year Class Prep organized the Fancy Dress Activity with a twist by blending fun with learning , highlighting the importance of healthy food. The activity was organized by Class Prep between February 10 and 12, 2021 on a virtual platform. It not only encouraged our young learners to choose healthy eating habits over unhealthy ones, but it also enhanced their speaking skills, showcased their inner talent, gave them a platform to boost their self-confidence and explore their inner strengths. It was a pleasure to look at how creatively students dressed up as healthy and junk food items like fruits and veggies, egg, milk carton, popcorns, donuts, pizza, French fries and  noodles and was truly a treat for our eyes to see them present themselves so confidently. Their efforts were applauded by giving them e badges and e certificates.