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Trip to Musoorie @ 06.06.2024 – 10.06.2024

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” –  John Muir

To provide a unique  opportunity ,for personal growth, to our dipsites amidst the breathtaking hills of Mussoorie , Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad offered a Rock Sports Adventure Camp to the students of Classes V to VIII from 6 June to 10 June,2024.

To maximize the time to explore the Camp destination, the  journey of 120 dipsites to Mussoorie started at the night of 6 June,2024.

The refreshing morning of the first day  ,7June 2024 at the adventure camp, Mussoorie was packed with excitement and exploration as our Dipsites had an  exhilarating experience of tents pitching followed by adventurous Zip lining experience.

On the second day, our Dipsites embraced the spirit of adventure as they conquered obstacles on the high ropes course and tested their limits during Rock Climbing and Rappling  sessions where our dipsites discovered their inner strength and resilience.
Evenings were spent around the campfire, sharing stories and reflections on the day’s adventures, creating a sense of belonging among the dipsites.

On the third day , to foster teamwork and camaraderie through collaborative activities like raft building , navigating and river trekking added to their lifelong memories.

This adventure camp at Mussoorie was a  transformative journey that left our dipsites with cherished memories and a renewed sense of adventure and wonder.