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Trip To Kidzania- Classes I & II- Feb 21, 2023

After a hiatus of two years forced by Covid, students who after being home-bound for two years are rediscovering their lost interpersonal skills by participating in a range of scholastic and co-scholastic integrated activities. These activities are essential to make the young minds permeable for the post-pandemic interventions to bridge learning gaps. We at DPSGF also believe in the same and make every day learning fun for our Dipsites.
 On 21st February (Tuesday)the much awaited trip of grade 1 &2 to KidZania, Noida was accomplished .With full enthusiasm and a gathering of 561 , the students and teachers of DPSGF reached their destination well in time. The gleam in the eyes of each and every kid very well depicted the excitement in their little hearts.

The trip to KidZania was indeed a treat,
For every little heart who went through its streets,
February 21, 2023 (Tuesday) was the set date,
When DPS GF reached KidZania’s gate,
There was excitement and fun in every little heart,
The gleam in each eye led to a refreshing start,
From doctors to chefs and to a policeman,
To radio jockeys, to archaeologists and a salesman.
The children got the hang of every profession there,
Few even returned with Bachelor’s degree oh dear!!
Frootis, pizzas and biscuits they made,
The memories they carried will never fade.
Thanks to KidZania for giving a fun filled day
We will definitely go there again, come what may……


IT FEST 2023