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Trip to Denmark

“It’s about the journey….
It’s about coming back…
It’s about pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone….
It’s about learning…..
It’s about finding yourself…”

It was a perfect opportunity for 14 students and 02 teachers to learn and grow during the Student Exchange Programme at Roskilde Gymnasium, Denmark.The experience at the school was an unforgettable one. This exchange programme gave the participants an opportunity to know about the culture and the teaching techniques of a foreign country. It has proved to be an effective platform for exchange of pedagogical practices.The school has a huge campus surrounded by thebeauty of nature. Not only the school but the whole country is full of scenic beauty.I couldn’t take my eyes off them during the long walks and the train travels. Roskilde Gymnasium had amazing things for us in their classes on English, election system, Danish and team building activities. We also had an opportunity to visit Copenhagen, Louisiana, Christiania and the beautiful ocean from where we could almost see Sweden. The hospitality provided to our group cannot be described in words. Each one from the group echoed the same voice- “I never felt that I was in a foreign country”. The last day spent at Roskilde Gymnasium was heart rendering andshall betreasured for ever. During our stay, we spent beautiful moments which have formed lifetime memories- ever vivid and heart-warming.

Finally after a long wait of 6 months on 5th May we all(14 students and 2 teachers) arrived at Copenhagen, where we were warmly greeted by the well acquainted Ms Birte and Mr Karsten, (teachers who had visited us in November) from Roskilde Gymnasium. After that we went to Roskilde by train and met our partners at Roskilde station. The smile with which they greeted us made the tiredness and fatigue of long air travel disappear. Most of us spent our day with our partners and the host families at their homes.

On 6th May, the second day of our visit, we all reached the institution by 7:50 a.m. It was going to be our make shift school for the next 12 days – ‘Roskilde Gymnasium’, Denmark, by 7:50 am. We were given a hearty welcome during an assembly where the Principal of the school, played the piano and everyone else joined him for a song. Our Danish buddy – Sofus took us around the school. The tour was followed by an interesting activity – ‘Picture Rally’. It was like ‘Treasure Hunt’, we all enjoyed the activity. Then it was time to hear some Danish words in the Danish class, specially organized for our group. It was fun to roll our tongues and try to speak a few words and then frame sentences in Danish too.

On 7th May, the day started with an English class and after attending the class we all went to see the Roskilde cathedral which is also a UNESCO heritage site. It was really beautiful and huge. Straight from the cathedral we went to the Viking Museum which is built beside the sea. The museum had the carcasses of the ships which are believed to have been used by the Vikings. After visiting these two places we went to the sports complex of the school for an adventurous Wall Climbing activity. Everyone enthusiastically participated in this activity. Although we all were tired yet we gave our best and some of the students even made to the top of the wall. The day ended on a happy note as everyone had enjoyed the site visits as well as the sports activity.

Our visitto Lousiana Museum, the National Museum of Denmark and the Elsinore Museum was mesmerising. We saw implausible modern art at the museums. It was likean exciting journey. It had everything from the Danish national treasure, the Golden Horns, African masks and Egyptian mummies.

We also visited Christiania, it also known as the hippie ‘freetown’. Its walls are an open canvas for murals and graffiti. Photography is prohibited in the area, so one can understand how difficult it would have been for all of us- the photo lovers! Spiral Church had an amazing winding staircase that we climbed to the top, it offered extensive view over central Copenhagen.Water bridges, canals, the harbour baths of Copenhagen, and the canal tour were unforgettable. We also visited Trekroner Skole, the school with which we had had our first exchange in Denmark. It was pleasure meeting Ms Kirstine Jordan, the International Coordinator of the school, who took us around the school. Here in this school our students delivered a lesson on different Indian foods. The class was lively and the students were eager to know more about the food habits of each other’s country.

May 10th was all together a different experience. We revelled in the cycling session at the school. After enjoying cycling we went by bus to Kronborg Castle. On our way to the castle, we stopped by a lake side for lunch. The site was very scenic and we all were very close to nature with birds chirping and vibrant flowers growing alongside the wide grass on the bank of the lake. The captivating scene glued us and we were reluctant to move from there as we felt that the Kronborg Castle would be boring and our assumption of the Castle proved to be wrong when our guide for the castle tour impressed us as she dramatized the history of the castle.

On our last day at Roskilde Gymnasium, the students enjoyed a group poster making activity ’United in Diversity’ followed by a dinner in the evening, with the host students and the host teachers.After a full day at school the students and teachers of Roskilde Gymnasium extended themselves to prepare a sumptuous meal for us, that tingles our taste buds even now, when we think about it.

After dinner the lovely memories were revived through a movie presented by the Danish students. The movie stimulated the feelings that flowed through wordsin the form of short and heart rendering speeches by the Indian students.
Time seemed to have flown. We did not realise that fifteen days had already passed and the time to bid goodbye had come. With mixed emotions and retentive memorieswe took a flight back to India from Copenhagen.