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Tracing Patterns Activity- Nursery- May 08, 2023

“You can make anything by writing”  -C S Lewis

Tracing is a powerful way to practice fine motor control. It helps to refine pre-writing skills and builds the foundation for drawing and writing. With an aim to strengthen the fine motor skills and boost the confidence of our young Dipsites, we at DPS Greater Faridabad organized ‘Tracing Patterns’- Tracing Activity on Monday, May 8,2023 for our young learners of class Nursery. The little Dipsites unveiled their skills as they tried their hands joining the dots following the given patterns. It was wonderful to watch their tracing skills on different patterns.  It was a fun and engaging activity that helped in enhancing the students’ fine motor skills and concentration. To add on their excitement and to motivate them, the students were awarded with certificates and badges, to carry home and share happiness with their family.