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Third Language Orientation

“A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers” -Cesar Chavez.

In a world where borders are becoming increasingly obscure, the decision to introduce a third language is driven by our commitment for preparing students to thrive in a globalized society. A third language not only expands linguistic capabilities but also equips students with a broader perspective on various cultures and traditions. It nurtures a sense of appreciation for diversity and promotes tolerance and acceptance.

Keping this in mind, an orientation program was conducted for the parents of class- III on 13th January 2024, with the aim to guide the parents to make an informed decision regarding the selection of a third language for the session 2024-25.

The event commenced with the address of Headmistress Ms. Ritu Jain, who heartily welcomed the parents and emphasized the significance of selecting a third language based on its merits. The nuances and teaching methodologies of all the three languages (French, German and Sanskrit) were then intricately explained by the respective language teams with the help of interactive sessions and presentations. All queries related to the same were also addressed during a QnA session.

The Principal Dr. Bindu Sharma also addressed the audience. She shared some heartfelt insights on parenting and parents’ contribution towards providing a conducive environment at home. She discussed at length the significance of a symbiotic relation between the school and parents to ensure proper growth and learning of the child.

The event culminated with the teachers and parents bonding over a cup of tea and delectable refreshments.