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Tex-Mex Summer Fiesta- Pre Nursery- May 03, 2023

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” Brian Wilson

To make this summer more special for our young learners of Happy Hoppers Playhouse, an exciting Summer Fiesta‘Tex Mex’ was organised with great zeal and enthusiasm on May 3rd,2023.  All the teachers and children were looking super cool in their summer  cool attire and accessories like flip flops, hat and sunglasses. Students brought summer fruits like mango, grapes and watermelon. The day turned out to be special as the little ones enjoyed preparing the refreshing lemonade and relishing it too. Tiny tots indulged in bubbly activities such as enjoying nature walk and felt the hot sun beat on the back of their neck, making ice-cream craft with ear bud printing, creating puzzles of the sun, enjoying dance and music  etc.

The young learners learnt the name of the hottest season of the year along with the names of summer fruits like mango, watermelon etc. Our enthusiastic and energetic learners simply loved this cheerful and refreshing day.