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Teacher’s Workshop on Enriching Features of Thinking Classroom @ 10.04.2024

On April 10, 2024, Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad organised a workshop conducted by the resource person Mr Abhishek from Opendoor. The workshop focused on enhancing the teaching methods for Science and Mathematics teachers handling classes IV-VIII. The resource person, shed light on the enriching features of the Thinking Classroom books, introducing new elements to be integrated into the curriculum for the academic year 2024-25.The session emphasised on the significance of leveraging thinksheets provided in the Thinking Classroom books to encourage deep thinking among students, reinforcing their understanding and appreciation of concepts. With an aim to foster an environment conducive to real-life learning experiences and to nurture critical thinking skills, the updated thinkbook now incorporates multimedia content, interactive activities, and case studies to offer students a comprehensive perspective on their subjects. Teachers were equipped with a range of strategies, including gamified and non-gamified approaches, quizzes, and open discussions, all aimed at cultivating analytical and logical reasoning skills among students. Equipped with the knowledge of utilizing Thinkbooks effectively, teachers now have the ability to create student-centric learning environments, fostering engagement and facilitating meaningful learning experiences.