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Teacher Workshop: Mindshift conducted on 27.03.2024

 “Growth inside fuels growth outside. “- John C Maxwell

The teacher workshop on Mindshift was conducted at DPS, Greater Faridabad on 27 March, 2024 with the aim of providing insight into the power perspective held in determining one’s own efforts, reflecting on personal highs and lows, shaping desired qualities and aligning personal responsibilities with the school’s vision. The workshop was attended by teachers from various departments, facilitated by Mr. Chetan Jaiswal, CEO of MyPeegu. The objectives of the workshop were to empower teachers to understand their personal agency in effort, reflect on their experiences with a positive outlook, develop desired qualities and align personal responsibilities with the school’s departmental vision. The resource person was presented a planter and  welcomed by the Headmistress Middle Wing Ms. Sanjana Mahajan, Headmistress Primary Wing, Ms Ritu Jain and Headmistress Surajkund, Ms. Supriya Bakshi.

The workshop aimed to equip teachers with the mindset and strategies necessary to navigate their educational journey effectively and successfully.

The resource person Mr. Chetan Jaiswal,conducted a very interactive session by engaging the teachers in various activities to understand their own emotions and strengths.  The teachers outlined their roles, responsibilities and visions for their departments, aligning daily tasks with the school’s vision. The teachers were also engaged in hands-on activity, in which the teachers understood the power of internal locus of control in overcoming external barriers.

The Mindshift workshop provided teachers with valuable insights into personal growth, reflection, and alignment with the school’s vision. It empowered teachers to embrace change, overcome barriers, and find purpose in their professional journey. The school plans to hold workshops targeting personal development and aligning with the school’s vision to help teachers grow further.