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Teacher Workshop By HRDC- May 04-06, 2022

HRDC WORKSHOP – May 4-6, 2021

Participant: Ms Jyoti Madan

Panelists: Introduction by Ms Vanita Sehgal, Executive Director, DPSS-HRDC

Chief Guest: Mr V.K Shunglu , Chairman, DPS Society

Ms. Neha Maheshwari, Master Trainer, Edunet Foundation | Ms. Manogna AVS, Program Manager, Edunet Foundation

The workshop started with introductory speech by Ms Vanita Sehgal, Executive Director, DPSS-HRDC wherein  She threw light on  why technology should be used in classrooms and difference between the traditional classrooms vs Modern Classrooms and  how this  change is significant and meaningful in imparting education as well as how important is it for teachers to stay up with the technology.

The workshop was lead by Ms. Manogna AVS, Program Manager,  Edunet Foundation and Ms. Neha Maheshwari, Master Trainer, Edunet Foundation. 

 The highlights were:

Traditional vs Modern Teaching Methods

Digital tools and apps in the classroom (Canvas, Google classroom, Kahoot, Equity Maps, Google voice etc.)

Industry 4.0 Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of things, Block chain, Data Science)

Creative Digital Learning Platform (Scratch (a visual programming language and online community), Minecraft (an open-ended ‘sandbox’ game that allows user to create, explore and interact in 3D virtual worlds), LEGO Mindstorms (a robotics constructions kit that includes a programmable brick which connects and controls the other parts))

Know the effects of technology both advantages and disadvantages of technology in student learning Demonstration and activities conducted on following tools

Learning Management apps and tools: – Fresh grades, class kick

Time and task management tools: – Pocket points, Classwork zoom

Overall it was an enriching and good experience, the trainers were very comfortable with the subject matter and session was collaborative. These tools will surely create magic in our classrooms.