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Swachh Survekshan- 2021-22

30 December 2021 brought an opportunity to the DPS Greater Faridabad family- senior students, teachers and support staff, who together participated in the Mega Cleanliness Drive ‘ Swachh Survekshan- 2021-22’ initiated by the MCF, marking the day as ‘ Kachra Mukt Diwas.  The very enthusiastic team participated in the ‘Shramdaan Activity’, a voluntary contribution of labour with an aim to bring positive change in the community and environment around us. Engagement of the students was most significant part as it enhanced their understanding regarding the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

With their masks and gloves on, garbage bags in hand, the students picked all litter, garden waste, plastics, bottles, polythene and whatever waste they could find across the barren land adjacent to the school boundary. Guided by the Head Mistresses and their mentors and inspired by the presence of the councillor of Ward 28 – Mr. Naresh Nambardar, Master trainer- Mr. Pramod Minocha and the coordinating team from MCF led by Ms. Archana Gupta, the Dipsites teamed up and worked very meticulously. Utmost caution was given to proper safety measures against COVID. The Ward Counsellor as also the team of trainers applauded the children for the dedication they showed towards this noble cause.

The learning was the greatest accomplishment for the day when the master trainer, Mr. Pramod Minocha enlightened the student volunteers by making them aware about the huge waste generated by Faridabad district in a day and the urgent need to segregate the different kinds of wastes such as wet, dry, biochemical, electronic, medical, construction etc. for proper disposal to create a healthy environment. The importance of adopting the 3Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle was emphasized. In order to cut down on about 40% of the waste generated by an individual, he urged everyone to carry at least 4 things in one’s bag: Refillable water bottle, small plate, spoon/fork and a straw. The students were motivated to spread the message among their friends, neighbours and other stakeholder and be a champion of change. The drive ended with Dipsites raising the slogans “Har Ghar, Do bin” and “Humaara Kachra, Humaari Zimedari” highlighting the fact that people are themselves responsible for their clutter.

The clean and pristine area around the school is evident of the energy and passion the Dipsites exhibited during the two hour long ‘Shramdaan’.  This, however is just a beginning of a larger and long-term social movement with an aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.