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Summer Enrichment | Cybercrew | SuperChargedDipsites | MecaBricks

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IT Department of DPS Greater Faridabad presents the scintillating artistic performance by little Dipsites of Classes 1-3 in the world of technology supported by Mindbox. As a part of Summer Enrichment Classes wherein students are engaged in gaining expertise on “Meca Bricks”- A Lego based 2D/3D designing software, our technology superstars have created wonderful and intricate designs in less than two sessions. In the introductory session they were introduced to the basics of  Graphical User Interface and the control panel of Meca Bricks software. Within no time they were able to gain command on designing basic designs. The team of expert trainers in coordination with IT team is providing 24 by 7 support to 153 students in Google classroom, share daily updates of sessions, providing helping hand and technical support to students.

The details of the creative projects done by students are:

Project 1: “Creating Initials”. In this project students designed the initials of their name using Lego Bricks. This helped them to understand symmetry and placement of bricks in the drawing area.

Project 2: “Designing Basic Structures”: In this project students learned how to latch one object over another, pick various inbuilt structures from library, rotate and use color palette.

We would also like to extend a hearty thank you to Mom’s and Dad’s who sit with them throughout, guide them through the sessions and are contributing in a big way to raise digital natives. Presenting before you is the fun filled, super cute and pulsating designs of our super charged students of Junior Wing.

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