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Subject Enrichment

Bonjour India

“Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of it’s speakers.”  ~Cesar Chavez 

France, although it seems quite small, is a country that has never failed to inspire  people across the planet. It has been the cradle of numerous ideas that helped shape the modern world. From food to fashion, this country belonging to the western part of Europe ranks among the top guns. We, the French students of DPS Greater Faridabad, decided to honour this country by painting the atmosphere Bleu, Blanc and Rouge. 

On 14th of July, over a 150 dipsites lit up the facebook page of DPSGF with their exuberant Videos with a  variety of dances, musicals and theatre acts; depicting the French culture. The efforts that all the eager participants put in actually came alive for an entire week on our school’s Facebook page which served as our stage. 

Foreign language learning opportunities in DPS Greater Faridabad open new doors to the world. It helps us grow mentally and emotionally. We sure absorbed a lot while preparing for this day and came out with flying colours. Project Head – Ms. Richa Shukla Batheja and Ms. Anju Singh.

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