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Student Council Elections- 2021-22

Each year when we have our Student Council Elections, we conclusively prove ourselves as a community which values the essence of democracy. Each year, we come together, some to contest and others to vote, and each year, in accordance with tradition, our representatives are elected by the most multidimensional, established process; a democratic election.

It is said that a true democracy succeeds when leaders are elected despite adversities. That is exactly what distinguishes these two years from all others. We, as a grassroot democracy, have effectively overcome all odds. Something as serious as a worldwide pandemic would hinder most, but not us. We overcame all technical difficulties, and each voting Dipsite heard all the speeches, saw every candidate’s work to make an informed decision. We used technology to our greatest advantage and made our voices reach the 2000+ young voters of DPSGF.

It has been a privilege to participate in the second edition of Virtual Student Council  Election which transformed our personalities and helped us utilize our fullest potential. This election gave us a true insight into the minute working of an electoral process in which people’s mandate is paramount.

The facilitation of a successful democracy requires experienced mentors, and in the true spirit of democracy, we would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to our own. We would like to thank our Pro VC, Mr. Rohit Jainendra Jain, who provided us a platform to display our leadership capabilities. We would like to thank our respected Principal Ma’am, Ms. Surjeet Khanna for being the backbone of this Student Council Election and giving us this opportunity. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Headmistress Primary Wing, Ms. Ritu Jain Ma’am , Senior Academic Coordinator, Ms. Mamta Gupta Ma’am, Headmistress -Middle Wing, Ms. Sanjana Mahajan Ma’am for their blessings and for being our pillars of support  throughout the process. Our deepest gratitude to all our fellow dipsites and teachers (Classes 4th to 12th) who showed keen interest in campaigning wherein, they listened to all the candidates and exercised their right to vote in the most effective manner. We would like to thank the parents of Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad who supported and encouraged us at every stage of this virtual election. We also express our sincere thanks to the Student Council Teacher In- Charges who organized this mammoth exercise and took care of each and every minute detail.

At last, we, the Student Council 2021-22, pledge to fulfill our duties and to be fair, impartial and consistent in matters relating to rules, discipline and reward to the very best of our ability.