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Storytelling Through Puppetry By Class III

Storytelling is a fun and creative way to play and lays the foundation for strong reading and writing skills. Props add flavour and exhilaration to storytelling.

The Dipsites of Class III of DPS,Greater Faridabad engaged finger puppets of mice and a cat to role-play their Literature lesson “My Home, Your Home” on May 4,2020.

They played with puppets and pretended to be a ventriloquist, trying out different quirky voices! The use of puppets added a special euphoria to reading the new lesson. Puppetry gave the story characters a voice and form making them come alive.Puppets changed the entire classroom atmosphere brightening it with a wave of excitement giving room for creativity,collaboration,critical thinking and curiosity to bloom.

The most obvious benefit of puppet-play was encouraging the child’s imagination and creativity and boosting their confidence. Shy students came out of their shell and expressed their feelings shedding their inhibitions. Students also learnt to construct sentences and find words to describe the elements in the story and also to summarize a story.