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Special Assembly By Students Of Class III-G- Aug 29, 2022

‘No society can prosper if it aims at making things easier-instead it should aim at making people stronger’

Socio moral virtues of compassion, honesty, truthfulness, mercifulness, nonviolence and considerate behaviour toward all are some of the traits which hold their importance lifelong.

And who else, but the life of ‘Dhamma Ashoka’ can depict that.

Class III -G resonated with the chants of बुद्धं शरणं गच्छामि। धर्मं शरणं गच्छामि। संघं शरणं गच्छामि। on the morning of 29th August, 2022 as a special assembly was conducted by the Dipsites of class III -G to celebrate the joys of their first assembly after two years. They bubbled with enthusiasm to showcase their talent by decorating their class room, learning their lines, showing their traditional dresses and singing their heart out to the prayer.

The adoption of Buddhism by King Ashoka after the Kalinga war was presented in the form of a musical, wherein children depicted his message of love, peace and kindness that he learnt from Lord Buddha. The role play between the war of Kalinga and King Ashoka won accolades for intense performances. Poetic flavour was added with the recitation of rhymes in praise of the Lord.

The assembly concluded with a special loving message and blessings from our esteemed Head Mistress ma’am, Ms. Ritu Jain, on the significance of peace and love as King Ashoka’s life encourages Self- sacrifice, Altruism and togetherness.

She appreciated students for their high spirits, urging them to take pride in being a good human being first and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. She also conveyed her thanks to our ever supportive parents for their consistent efforts in preparing the students for the beautiful presentation. It was a memorable day of pride and joy Indeed!