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Our Junior Space Enthusiasts of Classes I to IV had an amazing time during the SPACE workshops held in the month of February. There were different set of workshops for students of different age groups.

In Lift Off workshop, Participants of Class I were introduced to the idea of rockets as a space vehicle and its working principle. The working principle i.e., Newton’s third law of motion was introduced and demonstrated to them through a balloon rocket and car, without actually stating the same. They then enjoyed launching their own pop rocket by using easily available kitchen material i.e. Eno and water, as rocket fuel.

In SPACE Satellite workshop, students were introduced to the concept of ‘satellites’ in a very innovative manner. They discovered that just like the different parts of their body perform different functions, a satellite has parts which have different functions to make the satellite operational. They explored how satellites unfold a new page of the universe including our own planet. Students investigated how they make our lives simpler as they have a wide range of applications from ship navigation to watching TV at home. Children acted as ‘chief engineers’ on a space mission and assembled mini satellites with defined parts!

In Our Star: The Sun workshop, students discovered that the Sun and stars are same and in fact the Sun is our closest star. They investigated the shape of the Sun as round and understood all stars are similar in shape. They explored the relative size of the Sun and the Earth through an interesting team activity.

Students had real fun attending Mission to Mars workshop wherein they understood why travelling to mars is the next big mission for humans. They also understood the role of machines in exploring mars before humans are ready to travel to Mars themselves. With the help of a highly demonstrative activity, students realized the role of a highly effective communication network between the mission control centre on earth and the rover sent on mars in order to render a mission successful.

There was another interesting workshop on Cosmic fire in which the students unraveled the mystery of shooting stars and why are they called so. The fascinating concepts including the difference between meteors, meteoroids and meteoroids, why meteors are attracted towards Earth and much more about the beautiful streaks of lights visible in the sky for very short duration were discussed with the students.

Kids enjoyed the sessions to the fullest and were very happy to take their own kits back to home and to share their learning to others.