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Sitash Inauguration Session- Class VIII- Nov 16, 2021

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Aptly said by Helen Keller, is the essence of the programme introduced to bring two school teams to work in collaboration under one shelter i.e. SITASH. We celebrated the virtual Inauguration session of our SITASH Programme with Class VIII on 16th November, 2021. The programme began with lighting of the virtual lamp followed by formal introduction to the programme ‘SITASH’ by the comperes- Jessica Montrose and Anadi Sharma ftom class VIII. The participants of team DPS Greater Faridabad and team AVV School, Baroda, who would be working in collaboration with each other for next few weeks, were formally introduced during this inaugural session. Participants from both the teams were exuberant to share their opinions about the programme and expressed their zeal to work, to learn and to grow together. The English Dept. faculty members of both the schools also attended this session. The Principal, Ms Poornima Menon from AVV school, Baroda, shared her pearls of wisdom to encourage and motivate the students. She advised the students to wholeheartedly participate in this collaborative initiative as it would be an enriching experience for all.

The coordinators of the event from both the schools thanked their Principals for giving the students this wonderful opportunity, which  would  further develop their reading habit and knowing the authors better. 

The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Srisha Prasad from VIII B.