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“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.”

Our curriculum focuses on overall development of our Dipsites and expression of thoughts plays a vital role in it. We consider ‘Show and Tell’ as an important element to develop their oratory skills as it motivates them to organize information and build their confidence. With an aim of providing such opportunities to our young Dipsites, DPS Greater Faridabad organized ‘Show and Tell’ Activity on July 23rd 2020 for Class Prep.  The students from all the sections enthusiastically participated in this activity which enabled them to gain confidence, improve their vocabulary and descriptive skills. They excitedly shared their descriptive narration through a video recording wherein they spoke on their favourite toy, family member,cartoon character,outfit or objects of their choice.
Innovative props were used by the learners while delivering their lines with confidence,using facial expressions and voice modulation for a better presentation. It goes without saying that students involvement in such individual activities infuses originality, self-confidence & self-reliance and the same was very well presented by them through this activity.