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Show And Tell Activity- Class Prep- July 27, 2022

To hone the oratory skills and boost the confidence of our young learners, ‘SHOW AND TELL ACTIVITY’ was organized for the students of Class Prep on 27th July,2022. Our young learners prepared zealously for the assigned activity. They brought alive their unbridled imagination through their performances. Treating every child as a unique individual, the activity was organized in two rounds, motivating each child to participate wholeheartedly. The main aim of the activity was to enrich the vocabulary, develop confidence and improve communication skills. Students learnt to express their feelings and emotions in a fun-filled and easy way, which fostered their speaking skills.

It was a pleasure to hear them talk about the toys they liked the most. It was fun to watch our Tiny Tots dressed up as their favourite characters and speaking about them. The captivating performances by the young orators won the hearts of one and all. They were rewarded with certificates and badges by Head Mistress Ma’am and respective Class Teachers. It was an engaging and a stimulating learning experience for our little ones.