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Short Story Writing Competition- Aug 2021

Our Dipsites Vedika Shukla and Jayati Kapur, from classes VII & VIII (2020-21) have made us proud as their horror/thriller stories ‘The Devil in the Details’ and ‘The Predator’ were selected for ‘Short Story Writing competition’, in the category Group A: Age 9 years – 13 years. The budding writers had to compete among57 cities, 162 schools, 714 stories. Their horror/thriller stories were short listed among 714 stories, received from different schools of the country. The competition was organised by Pen and Ink Publishers. The stories were to be written between 400-4000 words.  The competition washeld in the month of April ’21. The stories would be published in an Anthology, an annual publication of the magazine ‘ Curiosity Kids”by September 15, 2021.

An avid reader and enthralled by the world of stories, I never realized when my passion grew into writing one of them. My poems and stories also tell about my journey of growth as a writer, from simple silly stories to writing thrillers. I have learnt immensely by expressing myself through words. Being acknowledged, appreciated, and awarded for my story had made me feel elated and excited and has driven my desire to bring my own to the paper.

Jayati Kapur – VIII C(2020-21)

Having an avid engrossment in creative writing since fourth grade, I was equal parts surprised and thrilled when met with the possibility of my story getting published in a magazine. A bubbly feeling of excitement took over me as soon as I saw my name in the top stories’ list. As someone who is taken by literature, both in the writing and reading sense, I cannot imagine a prize greater than my piece being published. I’m immensely grateful to have been presented with such an opportunity.

Vedika Shukla  – VII C (2020-21)