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Shape-A-Thon- Fun With Shapes Activity- Pre Nursery- Nov 28, 2022

Learning shapes

Enriching knowledge & skills

Children observe their surroundings very keenly and encounter different shapes every single day. Thus, to enhance the observation, imagination and creative skills in our little ones of Pre- nursery, an activity ‘Shape-A-Thon: Fun with Shapes Activity’ was organized on November 28th 2022. All the students participated with full zeal and made various figures like Christmas tree, car, sun, rocket and many more with the help of different shapes. It was delightful to watch our little Dipsites engrossed in their imagination and leading to unique artwork. The activity also helped in strengthening their fine motor skills in a fascinating way. To add to their excitement and to motivate them, their teacher gave them badges after the activity to carry them home and share their happiness with their family.