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Session Universe and Rockets in Space

SPACE Astronomy Camp has been an ultimate fun for the Space Enthusiasts of DPS Greater Faridabad. Children of Class III, IV and V have learnt to scale down the sizes of planets using the pulses, grains, fruits etc. In the session: Universe, students got to know about the different types of celestial bodies seen in the sky like the Sun, the Moon, planets, stars, galaxies etc. They understood the vastness of this universe and appreciated the beauty of it. They explored their own family of planets, moons and learnt about the biggest Asteroid Ceres They understood the planets in detail, their colors, size, features etc. They went on a beautiful journey where they explored the amazing universe around them with a lot of fun demonstrations and activities. Students learnt how they can make a hanging model of the Universe. Also they created a model of the Solar system using household materials.

Rocket science seems to be complicated but students after attending the session: Rockets in Space, realized that it is easy when they build their rockets and launch them using fuel. They turned into space scientists and learnt about laws that govern motion of the rocket, its parts, and various parameters that affect the rocket flight. They learnt about various types of rockets. They understood how air pressure can be used as fuel through rocket launch demonstration.

The understanding of the concepts was gauged using the poll quiz based on the session and students thoroughly enjoyed the quiz.