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Session on Wellness Trajectory (Class XI) by Dr. Bindu Sharma, Principal, DPS Greater Faridabad @ 25.04.2024

“Education extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms; it’s about nurturing a balanced harmony between mind, body, and spirit.” – Unknown

On April 25, 2024, Dr. Bindu Sharma, Principal, DPS Greater Faridabad conducted an enlightening session with Class XI students, focusing on the vital role of holistic well-being in academic success. She artfully intertwined principles of psychology and education, demonstrating how a holistic approach enhances not only academic performance but also overall satisfaction in life.

Throughout the session, she guided students through practical techniques for managing stress, fostering healthy habits, and fortifying resilience. By seamlessly blending interactive discussions with mindfulness exercises, she empowered students to cultivate self-awareness and embrace positive coping mechanisms.

Her message resonated deeply as she emphasized the importance of nurturing supportive relationships within the school community. Through fostering open communication and empathy, she instilled in students the value of self-care and mutual respect as indispensable elements of their educational journey.

As the session drew to a close, the school’s commitment to holistic education was reaffirmed. Dr. Bindu Sharma’s profound insights left an indelible mark on the students, igniting within them a renewed sense of purpose and mindfulness as they embark on their academic and personal endeavors.