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Sense Station- Class I- May 05, 2022

“Our body is just a part of a soul blessed with five sense organs”

Our environment and surroundings communicate with us but we should be able to understand and comprehend them. The 5 sensory organs of our body help us to get a clear picture on our environment and things happening around us. To teach and make learning more receptive, class I had organized a Sense Station on 5th May, 2022 in the school premises. There were variety of objects displayed on all stations –hearing station, smell station, touch station and sight station .Students visited and showed inquisitiveness to know about each object displayed and how they related to each sense organ .The taste, smell, sight, feel and sounds made students very happy. They also enriched their vocabulary on common words like sour, bitter, smooth, rough, pleasant, unpleasant etc. To strengthen the concept ,the students participated in a quiz followed by a song sung collectively on sense organs.