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Save Our Environment-Online Subject Enrichment Activity Class V- July 2021

Global temperatures are rising and pollution levels are on an increase everywhere. It has been estimated that each year 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage is dumped into the ocean. Pollution is one of the biggest global killers that exists, impacting over 100 million people.In order to meaningfully combat the menace that is global pollution, we need to sensitize our children to the importance of waste management and focus on the 3 Rs; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle..

Keeping this in mind, Grade 5 Dipsites were given Environmental project-based learning during their summer break, which helped them to connect to the natural world and made them felt like they are making real contributions to their community.

They have done various activities in their summer break involving 3Rs like Recycling old things, reusing things for different purposes and reducing waste generation. Grade 5 Dipsites used their creative minds to introduce waste management at their homes during their vacations.

The activities were really enjoyed by the students and this also raised an alarm in their little minds that what a DIFFERENCE each one of them could make in contributing to save the environment. The children resolved to accept collective responsibility to save our planet Earth.